MyGlobalHomereinvents the smart home

MyGlobalHome is reinventing the understanding of what constitutes a smart home. Currently there are no national or global standards, ideas range from voice control blinds, controllable lighting to energy metering.

MyGlobalHome is the first real ‘operating system’ for the home, it makes the home actually smart and report on its performance and optimises itself to function at its most efficient according to the occupants needs.

“A home should look after its occupant, not the other way around”. Lee McCormack.

The ProblemWhat is your house doing?

3.5x more pollution indoors
3.5x more pollution indoors
90% of electrical fires caused by faulty appliances
90% of electrical fires caused by faulty appliances

Our homes should be healthy spaces to live, work and raise our families. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to lung deceases like asthma, COPD and lung cancer. Poor indoor air quality has also been proven to have a negative affect on cognitive performance and shorten the longevity of life in older adults. Another extreme condition within current housing are faulty appliances that cause fires costing $80 Billion in property damage every year in the US alone, destroy tens of thousands of acres of land and cost the lives of 7 people every day.

The SolutionPrevention rather than cure

Prevention rather than cure

The new standard in smart home should include the ability to control the core functions of the home, these include lighting, heating, automation of blinds and curtains, full visibility and control over energy distribution on a circuit-by-circuit and socket-by-socket level as well as environmental visibility and control including air quality, pollutants, allergens, humidity, lux levels and temperature.

The Platform

MyGlobalHome’s property platform has a multisided marketplace where certified products and services suppliers can engage with property developers during the design stage whether it’s a new build, refurbish or retrofit and engage with occupants throughout the lifetime of the property. The platform analyses data from each building gaining insights into its performance characteristics that enable energy saving, design optimisation, construction cost reductions, and sustainable living.

Proprietary IntelligenceOur software uses the most secure and robust technology

Built-In Intelligence

MyGlobalHome uses a smart distribution board to sit above all consumer IoT devices in the home, providing uninterrupted access to complete energy management, air quality, lighting and blinds control, heating control and more.

Real Time Performance Data

MyGlobalHome gathers data from the design and build stage through to the occupants usage of the home, storing it into a digital logbook and recorded on the blockchain for security and efficacy. The data is stored locally using edge topography and owned by the occupant.

Optimised For Occupants

MyGlobalHome’s new standard in smart home enables occupants and building managers to utilise their own user-focused performance data enabling energy savings, healthier and more secure buildings

Management TeamWhat’s our experience and expertise?

Lee McCormackCEO

Founder, award-winning product designer, author and serial entrepreneur specialising in UK & US based MedTech, PropTech and WellTech.

Dan EadesCTO

Founder, multi-award-winning technologist with a proven track record delivering industry leading products and services into the global construction industry.

Barry AndersonCFO

Deloittes trained FCCA and Ex CFO of McLaren Applied Technologies. A proven finance executive, with deep experience in the Technology and Health sectors.

Pat Chapman-PincherChair

A FTSE CEO mentor with 40+ years in the global communications. Responsible for growing major multi-nationals in the internet, fixed and mobile telecoms sector.

Jon ScottCRO

An accomplished property professional with extensive knowledge of the residential investment sector. Jonathon has managed projects with combined values in excess of £3 billion.

For Property DevelopersWho are we working with

  • Lighting control: Light-by-light*, room-by-room, and group-by-group, LUX level sensors
  • Heating control: Room-by-room
  • Energy metering and analysis: Circuit-by-circuit and device-by-device
  • Air Quality: CO2, VOC, Humidity & Particulates
  • Presence Detection: Room-by-room
  • Automation: Blind & curtain control
  • Futureproof: Future ecosystem connectivity, Healthcare, Smart energy, EV charging, Concierge, Marketplace and Smart city

MyGlobalHome is working with the UK new-build sector, establishing the new standard in smart homes, whilst co-creating our sustainable B2B property platform. The new-build market provides the opportunity to impact the holistic life-cycle of a home, from design through to occupation. This platform approach delivers the greatest value for our customers, suppliers and partners within residential construction.

For Providers

Creating business and service channels with leading providers of

  • Energy providers
  • Car charging
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar panels
  • Wind turbines
  • Battery storage
  • Home security
  • Healthcare Insurance
  • Big Tech

MyGlobalHome is building its core value proposition through engaging with the new build sector to be able to achieve scale and service the much larger Retrofit sector. Retrofit is a more technically challenging sector that will be completed by the end of 2022. The strategy is to leverage a network of partners within the home provider ecosystem where our technology forms a complementary addition that can be bundled together into compelling consumer packages.

For OccupantsCreating homes that look after the residents

  • Lighting Control: Create mood lighting, dim individual zones, create pre-sets
  • Heating Control: Intelligent room and environmental analysis reduces energy wastage and improves comfort
  • Automation: Environmental intelligence enables automated blind and curtain shading to maintain optimal internal conditions
  • Energy Control: Intelligent understanding of the occupants needs to reduce energy wastage
  • Environmental: Internal and external environmental monitoring underpins optimal air quality conditioning and heating control

MyGlobalHome is seeking to provide homes that are more sustainable and healthier for the occupants that live in them. MyGlobalHome’s software provides occupants and building managers with control of heating, lighting, and automation as standard. Additionally, MyGlobalHome’s software provides energy monitoring and optimisation to reduce operating costs and environmental sensing to optimise internal wellness through better air quality.

MyGlobalHome Innovation Centre

MyGlobalHome has combined decades of experience in delivering smart home solutions across the UK with an automotive approach to the user experience, leveraging global manufacturing giants Contactum and Beckhoff to deliver a unique software solution for the new standard in smart homes. The interior shown is MyGlobalHome’s Innovation Centre, located at the University of Surrey, UK.

MyGlobalHome receives funding from Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation within the ISCF Transforming Construction Programme which is an integral part of the Construction Sector Deal, aiming to accelerate the shift in construction towards manufacturing and digital processes and a value outcome approach.

Innovate UK awards grant funding through its Research, Development and Innovation Scheme operating under Commission Regulation (EU) No 651/2014 (the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER)) and subsequent amendment.

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